The Cenkov Headphones - Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Stereo Headset

$34.95 $44.95


Ah yes, the Cenkov. These orange and white headphones add a bit of color but keep your entire look calming. Some may argue that orange is indeed a strong color. However, you know what else is strong? The quality of these headphones, as they are powered with a high quality 40mm diameter speaker within them.

Like all headphones that TekMarkit offer, these headphones come are wireless and connect to any device via Bluetooth V4.0. Sure, they are not waterproof, but these headphones come with a support memory card, as well as a support SD card playing MP3 with a frequency of about 2.40 GHz – 2.48 GHz.

Cenkov comes with a sensitivity rate of about 84db and supports mobile phones, computers, televisions, & iPods.

The Cenkov headphones are powered by a rechargeable 400MAH battery that last 8 – 9 hours max, with a charge time of a mere 2 – 3 hours. Buying these headphones will offer you exemplary quality and save you time and money going to go look for other headphones.

This is because, these headphones are made to be long lasting meaning they will not stop working after a few days, weeks, months or sometimes, even years, if well maintained.