The Italem Headphones - Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Stereo Headset

$27.95 $44.95


The Italem headphone is a stylish green headphone that comes with a sensitivity rate of about 84db like all other TekMarkit headphones. One of the major differences however, is that this particular headphone does come with a USB connector on its right side.

In addition, this stylish green headphone is not only wireless, but comes with an in built microphone, and high quality 40mm diameters in build speakers.

Due to its wireless connectivity, it supports mobile phone connectivity, computers, televisions and pretty much any other advice with Bluetooth functionality implemented into it. It’s worth noting that these headphones come with the Bluetooth V4.0 including EDR, and an effective distance of no more than 10 meters.

 Lastly, the Italem has a support memory card, and a frequency response range of about 20,000Hz and can also be used for gaming, with a full playing time of 10 hours, and a recharge time of 2- 3 hours max.