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Stash offers a significant amount of training around the basics and fundamentals of investing.  Key positive attributes are low minimums and fees, training materials, fractional purchases, and personal values-based funds.  Drawbacks for some would definitely be the fees (as opposed to apps such as Robinhood reviewed in the last article).


WeBull, simply put, is the perfect bridge between newbies looking for investment research in an easy to understand format, to experienced traders that require quick-glance trading tools.  And no-commission trading is something we can all get behind.  Customer support is great (though rarely needed in my experience), and has tools, graphs, and information available for free that would cost monthly fees for sure at most other trading platforms, brokerages or investment apps.  Note: WeBull does not currently have options trading available, vs. Robinhood reviewed previously.

Apps for Cryptocurrency, Crypto News, and Crypto Trading:


Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency apps, typically rated very well for the rates, transfer capabilities, reasonable rates, and research tools.  Crypto to Crypto trading is of course still available and the app now allows secure credit card purchases as well. 


Another recommended cryptocurrency app and platform is Changelly, which allows a simply, user-friendly interface for trading nearly any crypto and altcoin imaginable.  There is a fee like all of the crypto apps, but it’s pretty reasonable and on the lower vs. competitors (at .5% as of this writing).  This is competitive and reasonable for crypto trades, but their rates for fiat transfers are still very high so keep that in mind. 


The nice thing about coinseed is the low start-up costs needed (as advertised, as little as 5 bucks a day).  You can set up recurring purchases, as well as invest in multiple coins at a time in one purchase. 


Coinbase is probably my favorite of the apps listed here, allowing users to purchase bitcoin through linked accounts, including credit/debit cards at reasonable rate.  You will want to pay attention to the fee structure for both buying and selling, but the easy-to-understand user interface and available coins makes the cost worth it.


Referral/Affiliate disclaimer: If it’s not apparent, I have affiliate relationships with most of the sites listed.  None of the info in this blog assumes a customer will sign-up via an affiliate, nor does use of this site require a customer to sign up. This is for informational purposes only and investments should be made at your own risk and after careful research.  Contained herein are simply product reviews of apps and sites I personally recommend.  Every site I review/recommend here is one that I use personally or I would not recommend it.


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