Investment App Review: Robinhood

We at Tekmarkit have been asked to include product reviews and we thought a great place to start would be in the finance, stock, investment sector as this ties well with the theme and products at tekmarkit.  Enjoy!

Day 1 Review: Robinhood

The Robinhood app is a great start for the casual and/or new inventory, but it has features and functionality up through experienced day traders.  It is free with no hidden costs or fees, and there is no minimum initial deposit, so if you want to try it out you can literally get started in a few seconds, with a few bucks.  Unlike more traditional investment sites such as E-trade, there on no, zero commissions on trades on stocks.

The user-interface is intuitive and it’s relatively easy to find what you need, from stocks to add to your watch list, to your account information, to articles for research. 

Unlike WeBull (to be fully reviewed in a later article), Robinhood is a bit lacking in tools for research (comparisons to market projections for example), but each company’s page has relevant articles, earnings projections, and buy/sell recommendations, if any.  For the cost and usability though, this is a great app to use for beginners to get a window into traditional stock trading. 

Cryptocurrency extra: If trading crypto is more your think, the best place to start is Binance and this app truly delivers on value, user-friendly, and research tools. Again, more to follow in later articles. 

Referral/Affiliate disclaimer: If it’s not apparent, I have affiliate relationships with most of the sites listed.  None of the info in this blog assumes or requires a customer of this site will sign up. This is for information purposes only.  Every site I review/recommend here is one that I use personally or I would not recommend it.

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